Monday, August 23, 2010

1st Day

OH MY goodness I am tired! The day flew by and I had no idea how tired I was until I just sat down about an hour ago. :) it's soooo the good kind of tired though, the accomplished tired!

Ok let me start at the odd as this sounds I was not freaking out this morning. When Celin asked me if I was nervous, I surprisingly said "no, not really. I'm ready and excited!" Then it hit me, "I'm not nervous?!" "wait I'm suppose to be nervous what the heck is wrong!" so yeah I guess you can say I kind of freaked out...I freaked out because I wasn't freaking out!

Like I've stated before, I knew some of these children from small group work last year. When I introduced myself to them and even as others saw me in the hall they asked "you're a teacher? like with your own class?" haha yes, I guess it took children asking these questions for it to sink in: I am a teacher! like with my OWN class! The moment I have been preparing for since I can remember is finally here, regardless of not being "official" because of graduation, this "first" will never be relived. Today was my first day as a first year teacher.

I arrived and starting greeting my students at 7:30. They were anxious to get started, just as I was. We began with a "getting to know each other activity" then flew through the day. We basically  focused on expectations, rules, procedures and class goals. We did begin our math curriculum which went amazing, they were all excited and said "oh this is so easy!" I focused on making them feel part of a family, I explained that we will be working as one this year. I think we are off to a great start!

It's so funny how much you can find out about children in one day. I know the saying "don't judge a book by it's cover" but boy some of these kids just open up day 1! I can already, even though I tried not to, see which kids will be my "I"m done!" kids, and which will be my "now remember the rules please" kids. 

My "babysitter" said I was doing great, she stayed uninvolved through out the day (as a teacher, she helped with other things.)  and said she will remain so unless I need help.The day was hectic and a total learning experience for all involved but overall I couldn't of asked for a better first day :)  I've got an amazing group of students!

P.S. I always thought my first day post would be more insightful and in-depth but I am exhausted! I think that speaks louder then words ever could.

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