Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beyond the time clock...

I spent 7.5 hours working in my classroom today. I think this is part of that famous saying I've heard a million times.."teaching goes beyond the time clock." It's crazy how time flies when you're surrounded by what you love to do. I have dreamed about preparing my classroom for years now.

My term as a student felt like forever but now that this day has arrived I can't believe it's here, feels so quickly. I will graduate in December so in all reality it did come a bit quicker than anticipated. It's kind of like an emergency certification, sent down from heaven blessing position I've been given this year.

I will  post pictures soon-my room is actually starting to look like a classroom :) I am so excited!
In-service starts next week and I'm sure that's when the nervousness will kick in.

Until then...I'll start my first year by putting in those off the clock hours...

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