Thursday, August 19, 2010

Gaining Knowledge...recalling knowledge :)

Today was a very long, wonderful, full of knowledge and excitement day! :)

My day began at Sharon Wells training (math curriculum). It was soooooo helpful and informational! The further we went into the material and variety of ways to teach it the more excited I got. Math is the one thing that I feel the least worried about curriculum wise this year, but we'll see I might be speaking to soon.

I am amazed and so happy that even though this year has just began I've been able to apply things I learned at SFA. ha imagine that! I actually learned things!

I am 1 of  3 first year teachers on my campus. One of the other newbies happens to also be in 3rd grade so it's been great feeding off of each other, bonding and basically sharing some of the things we learned. Funny thing actually-we were in a team meeting talking about how to write lesson plans. They stated that the district was switching the ways these were to be written-with more focus on the TEKS addressed. Apparently this is something they haven't been doing, funny thing is this is EXACTLY how we learned to write lesson plans in school! There's been a couple of other times when the "new" things our campus is trying to do is actually what we've been taught-how awesome is that!! 

This by all means doesn't mean I think I know it all or more then veteran teachers...because I totally don't! but it is nice to bring something to the table. And to be honest, when I was completing my classes a lot of times I thought "I know this is not how they do it, I won't even be able to use this." I'm glad to say-I was wrong :)

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