Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher...aka ME!

The second part of my awesome knowledgeable day consisted of Meet the Teacher. I was kind of nervous I won't lie! I mean this is the parents and the students first impression of me, you can't have a second first impression. As soon as it got started and I met the first parent it came a bit easier. It was nice to know some of my students from being an aid last year. They were excited to see me too so it was great!

In a nutshell I explained to the parents that one of my biggest goals of the year was to have a strong home to school connection. I encouraged them to communicate with me and feel welcomed in the classroom. We are a team working with the same goal in mind-the success of the student.

I think it went really good! The parents stuck around and spoke to me about a variety of things, 12 of my 14 kiddos showed up which I thought was an awesome turn out and showed great involvement from the parents. I think this is a sign to a great year!!

P.S. The kids loved the "Thanks for popping in" popcorn bags they got.
P.P.S Only regret-not taking a picture of myself in my room for my first meet the teacher :(

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