Friday, August 27, 2010


OK before I left today I remembered to take pictures for the blog. I also decided to redo my seating so the desk seem kinda odd in some of the pictures. Enjoy :)

This first one is from the entrance of the room. I originally had my desk set up in a U shaped, which I really liked but sadly didn't work well with my material set up.

This is against the side of the room not shown in the first picture. This is their cubbies and our "buckets". We are "bucket fillers" this year.

Google "Have you filled somebody's bucket today?" It is a great book with an amazing concept.

This is from the front of the room pointed towards the entrance. I am planning on using that spot to the side for small group time.

Our classroom library :) I still need to find pillows for it but other then that I'm really happy with it.

Board and my desk. Let's hope I can keep it that clean all year ;) (don't you LOVE my computer?!)

Small group area.

Front of the classroom.

Ok this area is kind of a work in progress/multiple purpose area.
It holds math chart and problem solving now but it will be our Math Wall instead. We will post "mathematician" word.

I am also hoping to use it as a writing center (hence the writing materials available), kind of my small attempt at a writing workshop. And the globe...well to be honest I had no where else to put it and well it kinda looked good haha.

This is a view of the materials available to each group.
There is enough for all to share. I am hoping this cuts down the interruptions of getting up for materials, or not having materials.

Another attempt to cut down on interruptions-the famous "I need to sharpen my pencil!" dilemma.
If there are no more pencils available in their group material basket (pictured above) they can bring the unsharpened pencils here and switch out for a sharpened one.   I actually don't even have a pencil sharpener available for them. We'll see how this works.

This storage is actually under my desk, out of sight and out of the way. I keep my daily lesson plans and materials in each drawer.

Oops almsot forgot...this is the other side/corner not viewed. Against the window is our computer center. Next to the TV I have a small listening corner.

Close Up of my charts. I have their "Specials" calendar, Lunch Menu (just noticed my apple fell from it haha) and Box Tops collection on the top.

How Do We Get Home? chart is actually a cut up poster re-made. I cut the pieces up stapled them and attached velcro to them. This way I can velcro the kids name on them and change them if their way home changes through out the year.

This is right at the entrance. Our calendar and birthdays are posted. Our turn in trays and various binders, notebooks and folders are also pictures.

This is how I re-arranged my seating. 
We will see how it goes!

Hope you enjoyed! Maybe a little more pictures then necessary but what can I say...I'm proud :) 


  1. I just wanted to say thanks, because I got two ideas from this. I teach 9th grade, inner-city.
    I liked the pencil cups idea. I did something similar for my kids. They never have supplies, but if they just could prove they brought SOMETHING (pen, pencil, marker, colored pencil) I would let them trade from a bin in my drawer. This fixed sharpening issues and empty pen issues. As well as the obvious, "I can't do the crossword with a sharpie..." I would have to keep these cups in my own desk though, or kids will steal all the pencils.
    I also liked the daily drawers thingy. Not for me, but for the huge amount of absences and lost papers. I end up having to keep out (can't organize/put away) all the papers we've used for about 3-4 weeks. This works fine if the kids will leave my folders alone and ask for papers. However, what they do is wait until you're not looking and then try to steal the papers. They create a huge mess and then I can't find papers when a kid actually does the right thing and asks! So I have to decide whether to leave them out and have an available chaos pile or put them away and have organized "see me after class" pile. I chose the former because they don't ever wait. I could do 3 or 4 of these "week" setups of papers. Then empty out the oldest one and rotate it toward the front. I feel the kids might contain their mess if the stuff is in drawers. At least that way when a kid asks for what he missed 3 weeks ago, we know where to start looking.

  2. I don't know if you are still looking for pillows but if you have a sewing machine its super simple to make pillows and cheap as well.. I did this for Sunday School at church, took about 2 hours and around 30.00 to make and stuff 25 pillows. Thats with having my "helpers" involved (I have a 5 yo, a 3yo and a 1yo.. Lots of help).. If your Walmart has a fabric section you can usually get fabric on sale for around 1-2.00 per yard and then cut the pillow size you want from them.

  3. Thanks for your post. I found quite a few great ideas!

  4. Just wanted to point out a small typo in the library section, should be "other than that".
    Love your site! Cheers.