Thursday, August 26, 2010

Yeah well...

This week has been going AMAZING!! I can see my kiddos forming a bond already and we're getting our routines down...funny how walking in a straight quiet line seems to be the hardest concept though ;)

So yeah overall (not counting tomorrow of course) this week has been great! I don't think I could of asked for a better first week of teaching. Watch I totally just jinxed myself for tomorrow.

The thing is though...the real test will be next week. This week was mostly social skills, rules, procedures, getting to know each other. I mean I don't mean to toot my own "social" horn but HONK HONK I am pretty good at the socializing part. Teaching...we shall see.

I was sitting at my desk today during my conference and began to look through next weeks reading material. I volunteered to do the lesson plans for me and the other bilingual teacher because I'm a weirdo that needs a ton of detail and needs to be hands on in order to learn this curriculum....that's another story though. ANYWAYS...

Well it seems like a TON! My mentor teacher, along with others, have said things like "Oh don't even try, it's impossible to get it all in." "We just don't have enough time"...etc. etc etc..Yeah WELL...I'm also the weirdo that needs to try things on my own, even if I run the chance of failing. I MUST try, maybe fail myself in order to learn from it. This can be a bad thing, or a good thing...I haven't decided yet. But regardless my mentor teacher (who happens to be the other bilingual teacher) has agreed to try and get it all crammed in this next week then we'd go from there.

It is now approximately 10:40 and I have been working on lesson plans for about 2 hours, I just now finished Tuesday. I am starting to get the idea that maybe I am trying to do to much, I mean this reading curriculum is set up to cover; Listening Comprehension, Speaking/Viwing, Vocabulary, Spelling, Comprehension, Fluency, Writing, and Grammar. It has a section for each of this categories with things to do, read, complete. Basically it's set up to teach Reading all school day. Hmmmm....

yeah well...I'm off to work on Wednesday. Did I mention I am kind of hard headed sometimes? ;)

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