Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All aboard!!

OK things are starting to roll....
wow 3 weeks already!  This is the second week of instruction and to be honest I still haven't gotten in the grove of things. Last week was kind of establishing routines academically. But now our schedule has more changes! We were starting on reading  curriculum last week but were told to not start until this week so mid way through last week we had to re-plan. Which caused me to be kind of thrown off. I am ready to get in the grove of things already...really establish a schedule.

We are beginning small groups this week.  I get an instructional aid for 30 min in the morning for reading groups. Then hours later I get her back for another 30 min for math groups. For reading we are working out of a workbook which contain a small story with questions. wohooo right?! This is what the other bilingual teacher said we're doing and well I'm going along with it for now. I mean she's done it this way and gotten results so I'm sure it can't be too bad. Boring? maybe, all I got for now? yes!

I am trying to come up with math centers for math group. For those out there starting your first year soon...start on centers NOW if you want to integrate them in your class.

Well I'm off to finish lesson plans for the week (lesson plans are getting the best of me!seriously the most stressful thing so far)....yes I know this is something I said wouldn't happen. I said I would plan my weekly stuff on Friday and not leave the school until it was ready.I think I'll eventually be able to do that but in the meanwhile...I'm getting this ball rolling.

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