Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I teach 3rd grade..I'm not in it.

Only downfall, con or whatever you want to call it, about this job is---it's like going back to elementary school, literally.

There are clicks, whispering, and a lot of "she said, she said."

I kind of belonged to the "no clique" clique in high school- I don't intend in joining one now. I am a very friendly person that talks to people across the board, regardless of what grade they teach, position they hold or whatever.  Ok enough of that rant.

"I teach 3rd grade, I'm not in it." :)


  1. I totally respect this! Currently, I am finishing up my student teaching and my cooperating teacher is someone who comes off very sincere, but behind peoples backs she tells me about all the stuff that isn't fair. I honestly don't like complaining or gossip and it is hard to listen to her. I know that sometimes school districts are not fair, but really, how much is complaining going to do? It only ends up being selfishly sought out in the end. Play the cards you have been delt and do your best to give your students the best education they can get. That's what it is about, the students.

    1. wow I don't know how I missed your comment! So sorry it's taken me ages to reply. Thanks for your feedback. It's good to know I'm not alone. Complaining won't do a thing, expect get you labeled. I completely agree with you, it's all about the students. Thanks for following Amika and I promise to reply sooner next time :)

  2. I found your blog, via Pinterest... I LOVE what you have to say about the whole "clique". I am an aid @ an elementary school --- we don't really have that problem THIS year, thank heavens! I laughed when I read your "I teach 3rd grade, I'm not in it". I've considered going back to teach ele. school (I am back in the college swing of things right now) however, the lack of respect of children and the emotional toll ---- I adore the children and really love to see them excel... I get to work w/ speech/special ed/ and 3rd graders. still in the midst of deciding the "lifetime" obligation. would love to hear any advice! Great blog! Thank you!!!!

    1. Love me some pinterest! lol glad I could make you laugh a bit, sometimes that's all we can do right?

      Your job sounds amazing, a little bit of everything. I'm sure you are great at it and will be amazing when you decide on your "lifetime" obligation.
      As for advice, if seeing students excel is the reason you are looking into education then your heart is the right place and I truly believe that as long as that is not lost you will LOVE it.

      This "clique" thing is something that I'm sure everyone everywhere has to deal with but when you love your job it's just something small to put up with.