Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2nd six weeks!?! what?!

Seems like I'm starting every post this way but...WOW it's been awhile since my last blog post! 

I have a math training tomorrow for the third six week, that just blows my mind! Everything is going well. I think I'm sort of getting the hang of things. Not completely, I heard that doesn't come till at least the 4th year of teaching, but at least I'm not in a total zone of confusion.

I have started tutoring after school two days a week for an hour after school. I have been observed by the principal twice already and she keeps saying "If you don't mess up" or "If you're lucky" or "If you do a great job" or something else like that every time we meet or I ask a question regarding my status. Let's just say, the pressure is on! My days fly by but it's no wonder I am exhausted come 8 o'clock.

One thing, the ONLY thing, that I am HATING about this situation...I feel like I am not being the best mommy I can be once I get home. I am so tired or have a million things to do for preparation of the next day that I feel I am cutting Alexander short. I find this so unfair. I get more frustrated, he acts out for my attention and he's so becoming a daddy's boy rather then the "mommy's boy" he was. I feel so horrible at night when I lay beside him at night and realize I cut him short. Hopefully this to will pass.

There is no way I can post everything that has been going on so I will leave it at that and post more often.
58 days until graduation! :)