Tuesday, November 16, 2010

31 days and counting

So I will not start by stating the obvious like I have in every other post.

First of all, 31 days until graduation!! woohoo! All seems to be going well so I'm hoping my job becomes "official" soon. Things are moving along. We had second six weeks reading benchmark last week and we're having math tomorrow. Some of my students did fantastic while others didn't but we have a good starting point. I do have to admit, the reading curriculum makes me nervous and I don't feel as confident teaching it as I do math. i am blessed with great peers that don't mind helping.

OK two must do's for new teachers:

1) keep a word document for ALL the passwords you will acquire...really it's a TON.
2) another word document to keep track of all the "lingo" used and their definitions lol, RTI's, CIT's, ELPS, etc...

I am LOVING the teaching aspect of the job. The things that actually make me nervous and stressed about messing up is all the paperwork. We must keep up with what we're doing for certain students, progress monitor what seems like every other week.

Well I am off to grade papers and lesson plan :)

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  1. WOOHOOO!!! I cannot wait to see you at graduation and I know you are a great teacher!