Saturday, October 15, 2011

My day.

 I'm embarrassed to admit how long I spent online today. 
Like a good friend said, it was in the name of education. 

Teacher Binder

Update: I gave in and bought a cutesy calendar for this next school year! Note to self-stay away from Target :) 

Here is one of the ideas incorporated into my year so far, a teacher organization binder. I carry it with me to all my meetings, holds all my grades, calendars and student information. 

I might add more to it later but this is what I remember needing most. 
Enjoy and please let me know if you think of something to add to it :) 
Inside of binder. Got a free calendar book this year so I keep it in the front pocket for convenience. Any small monthly calendar would work just fine, saw cute ones at Target.  I've seen others print calendars and have a tab for them. I'm cheap, I'll take free :) 

Important Information: schedules, class list,  transportation. All very handy stuff for a sub. 
Student Data: This section is extra handy. I keep contact information, conference times, assessment scores (important ones not all).
I use this Student Information sheet in my student data section. It's from,
  Busy Teachers Cafe click the link it'll take you directly to it. 
Love their printables! They are very good and save so much time  :)
Calendars: Curriculum calendar and testing calendar.

 Grades: I keep the districts grading requirements as well as a spreadsheet with my grades for the 9 weeks. No more grading book! 
Lesson Plan Ideas: I place to keep those great lesson ideas you get!
Team Meeting Notes: We meet as a grade level weekly. This section allows me to keep all those notes/agendas together for documentation.
Faculty/Site Base Notes: Another section for meeting notes. I like to keep all my different notes from different meetings separate so they're easier to find. You could have one section for all meeting notes.

PLC Notes: Professional Learning Community notes will be organized here.
I keep an ez-grader in the back pocket for easy grading at home. 

That's it!! It really didn't take long to make and I use it on a daily basis so it was soooooooo worth it.

Student Informational Sheet-
Font on cover sheets:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lame attempt in "catching up" my blog

Ok so skip forward a month after my last post, I graduated. Skip another month, my 3rd grade position became official. Skip January through June, I survived my first year of teaching. I loved every minute of it. I really do regret not documenting more of it but oh well can't do much about that now. Ok a year later and we arrive to present time.

I am 9 weeks into my second year of teaching. I took a moment to flip through my past post and WOW, I was so scattered lol.   I will take pictures and post my updated room and cute ideas I've incorporated into my class as soon as possible.

I am still teaching 3rd grade (yay!). There is a new state test, STAAR (boo!), so it's sort of like first year of teaching all over :)  We are diving into new curriculum for all subjects (CSCOPE), so there is a lot going on. It's going so fast already!!

I have developed a new addiction for twitter and pinterest, I get to share ideas with teachers from everywhere! Technology is so amazing! I can't wait to start posting real post and not just ramblings.

:) Happy Teachings...