Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Lame attempt in "catching up" my blog

Ok so skip forward a month after my last post, I graduated. Skip another month, my 3rd grade position became official. Skip January through June, I survived my first year of teaching. I loved every minute of it. I really do regret not documenting more of it but oh well can't do much about that now. Ok a year later and we arrive to present time.

I am 9 weeks into my second year of teaching. I took a moment to flip through my past post and WOW, I was so scattered lol.   I will take pictures and post my updated room and cute ideas I've incorporated into my class as soon as possible.

I am still teaching 3rd grade (yay!). There is a new state test, STAAR (boo!), so it's sort of like first year of teaching all over :)  We are diving into new curriculum for all subjects (CSCOPE), so there is a lot going on. It's going so fast already!!

I have developed a new addiction for twitter and pinterest, I get to share ideas with teachers from everywhere! Technology is so amazing! I can't wait to start posting real post and not just ramblings.

:) Happy Teachings...

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