Sunday, April 15, 2012

Representing Data-Math

A couple of months ago when I announced to my students I was having a baby they immediately became excited and wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. A couple of weeks later I had my appointment to find out and figured-why not turn this into a math lesson?!? So we did :)

We began by raising our hands and voting who thought it was a girl, and who thought it was a boy. We wrote down the voters actual name under each column. We then discussed-"what other ways can we show this same information?"-as you can see we went in various directions.

The kids loved this activity! Try felt ownership over the ideas being put down on paper and involved in the discussion. I think having REAL data rather then a pre-made problem helped fueled the enthusiasm.

We hung the poster up and I'm happy to report my students still use it and refer to it when we come upon any of the graphs brought up that day.

Quick and easy activity that was also fun and successful!

By the's a girl!!! (kids LOVED seeing who was right!)

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