Thursday, June 7, 2012

TGI...Th! (+, - Game)

Thank goodness it's Thursday!!! I have survived my first week of summer school (ok ok we only went 2 days this week but still!) I am really enjoying it, the kids are so sweet and excited to be learning "3rd grade material" before all their other classmates :) Some of these students will end up being my kiddos next year so I am very excited about getting to know them, I have to admit that's one reason I truly enjoy teaching summer school.

 Most of these students are aware that we learn multiplication facts in 3rd grade and boy are they eager to start! During summer school I like to focus on addition and subtraction facts and strategies. The better fundamental base they have of these the better they will do in multiplication and division.
Ok time to share!! Today we played a game called "Off the Grid". It is a very simple, adaptable, and competitive game that covers both addition and subtraction. I will be no means take credit for the idea, I came across it on pinterest. It took me to this amazing blog that explains the game further. I did modify it a bit to fit my students needs...and my budget ;)

# grid game
This is from that amazing blog-not my adaptation. I forgot to take pictures of mine but will soon.
 I did not use a cookie sheet or magnets. I simply got a couple hundreds charts from an amazing kinder teacher willing to share (she printed and laminated). For markers I used clear colored counting chips, this allowed my students to see the number even when their piece was on it. For dice I used another pinterest idea; dice in a little clear container to keep the dice from rolling all over the room and driving me crazy. 

Picked these cute little containers up at Staples for $2

I apologize for not having original pictures of my adaptation, I will make sure to get some on Monday and update. I really liked that this game allowed them to add and subtract in one game. Since the game was just introduced today I only put one number die and the add/subtract die per box. This allowed them to add or subtract up to 6. Monday I will substitute the # die for a "friendly number" die (a die that has 2, 5, 10). I will eventually end the game with two # dice so the students have to add their dice first then add on the game board. I think this makes it easier to adapt for students depending on their level :) The kids really seemed to enjoy this game and asked to play it several times. Check it out!

Chips and 100 chart I used.


  1. I've just discovered your blog through a Pinterest pin. I saw the dice in a local store and thought it was a great idea (but they were around $5-6 each). I have a few students who end up dropping or throwing the dice, so I'll try this! Even at $2 for the container, it's a savings since I already have the dice. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cute idea. Just saw it on Pinterest. I had a mom donate small baby food containers. They're plastic now - who knew. They're perfect for dice and free.

  3. Consider asking students/friends with children to donate the containers from the 25-75¢ public treat machines with the tatoos, candy, toys, etc in them (the ones in restaurants, grocery stores, fun kid places). Some drug stores (Rite Aid, Walgreens) have the containers for $1. I found sone at Kerr for 3/$1.