Thursday, July 26, 2012

Math "Toolbox" Update-Mailing list

I have done my best at responding to all comments today regarding the teacher binder and the math toolbox, if I missed you please forgive me and feel free to contact me. A very popular question/request was "Where do you find your printables? Can you share them?" 

My main source for these printables is our curriculum, CSCOPE. If you have access to this go ahead and dive in! There is a ton of paper-pencil activities that are easily turned into hands on activities for your toolboxes. I unfortunately CANNOT share these due to copyright laws. Ask your principal maybe your campus has access to it. 

My second huge source is PINTEREST! Everyone has access to this so if you do not already have an account, go make one NOW! It's super addictive but oh the resources you'll find. I found the "Gallon Land" printable there (lessonplandiva)

Many of you amazing followers asked if I could email anything I had to share, I would LOVE to! Since I have let my comments accumulate for a couple of weeks I would hate to miss someones email address. 

Therefore this is what I think we should do- if you would like me to email you any printables I come across for this following year please leave me your name and email address in a comment below. This way I will have a mailing list all in one place :)

Hope this helps all of us out! Thank you for the interest and hope to be back soon with new ideas.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She's here!

Arianna Caelin Rivera
7.1lbs 18in. Born June 30 at 3:29am

So this ladies and gentlemen is my precious bundle of joy! As you can imagine we are over the moon happy and in love with her. 
With all this happiness also comes sleepless nights and busy on and off napping/feeding days ;) In other words, I've been too busy to log on. Its been a forced but much needed "break". I apologize for not responding to questions and comments. I have seen them and promise to respond soon. I will also begin posting new ideas I've come across during my 3am sleepless nights. 
Thank you so much for continuing to check out my blog and the wonderful feedback. Hope everyone's enjoying the summer!
Now back to my baby girl...