Monday, April 23, 2012

Math Key Word Charts

Problem solving takes a whole new level in 3rd grade for students. As teachers we try and guide our students to a variety of "real life" high level problem solving strategies. Not all students are ready for that kind of "out of the box" thinking therefore we also offer them strategies such as "key words".

We keep a -Math Toolbox- journal in my class (I'll post that next) where we place our math vocabulary and strategies. These "key words" usually go in the the toolbox for reference and that's it. This year I decided to give them more of a visual and ownership over them.

Think they stand out enough? ;)
Wal mart has these nice and bright poster boards that I used to cut out the math signs. The kids instantly LOVED how big and bright they were.   I put one sign up at a time on the board and simply asked "what helps me know when to ______?" The room was instantly taken over by math words. We added what we could think of at the moment and then hung them up. Whenever a new word came to their mind while working we stopped and added it to our class poster. I think this really gave them ownership and a connection with the words. Hope they remember their "key words" tomorrow (STAAR test)!


Addition words and diagrams

Division words

Subtraction key words

An inexpensive and effective activity, hope you enjoyed!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Representing Data-Math

A couple of months ago when I announced to my students I was having a baby they immediately became excited and wanted to know if it was a boy or a girl. A couple of weeks later I had my appointment to find out and figured-why not turn this into a math lesson?!? So we did :)

We began by raising our hands and voting who thought it was a girl, and who thought it was a boy. We wrote down the voters actual name under each column. We then discussed-"what other ways can we show this same information?"-as you can see we went in various directions.

The kids loved this activity! Try felt ownership over the ideas being put down on paper and involved in the discussion. I think having REAL data rather then a pre-made problem helped fueled the enthusiasm.

We hung the poster up and I'm happy to report my students still use it and refer to it when we come upon any of the graphs brought up that day.

Quick and easy activity that was also fun and successful!

By the's a girl!!! (kids LOVED seeing who was right!)

Baby Announcement

6 months late but still love sharing it! Proud big brother, Alexander.

Thank you!

Wow you all know how to make someone feel appreciated!
I admit, I've been MIA from my blog for some time (I blame Pinterest, which has given me new ideas to share) but seeeing all my new followers and comments when I logged on, well I was floored!!

I am very excited to have more than obligated family members as followers! Like mentioned above I have come across new ideas that I can't wait to share.

This year has kind of been a blur professionally, I mean my second year has just flown by.  Personally things have changed too ;) I am now Jennifer Rivera and we are expecting the arrival of our little princess this summer. Very exciting things have happen and ARE happening.

So let's get started!!