Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fluency Freebie

My plan this summer is to upload some material/ideas that I used this past year since I did such a horrible job of sharing during the school year. This first one is a fluency freebie! I am big into fluency folders for my students. It gives them ownership of their progress and serves as documentation. Two birds with one stone type of thing ;) I teach reading in Spanish but I've gone ahead and uploaded both the English and Spanish set.

This first sheet is what I place at the front of their folder. It is for comments and suggestions for the students. My kids LOVED reading what I wrote in here for them and it really helped them focus on what they needed to work on for the week. It's an easy way to access the main information from the folder.
Fluency Observation Sheet
Observacion de Fluidez 

The following sheets were placed directly behind the observation sheets. These are for students to record their progress through out the quarter. The star gives a visual of where the state of Texas expects the students to be at the end of the quarter, of course different goals can be set for each individual student in your classroom.

First Quarter Progress
Progreso de Fluidez

Second Quarter Progress
Progreso de Fluidez 2

Third Quarter Progress
Progreso de Fluidez 3

Fourth Quarter Progress
Progreso de Fluidez 4

Each week has two columns. One for a "cold" read and one for a "hot" read.

On Monday the students read the story of the week as best they can for a minute while I note ONE thing for them to work on (Observation sheet). They record their WPM in blue on the appropriate week. They practice the same story all week, focusing on the suggestion given during their cold read. On Friday students read the same story and record their WPM in red.

I know this second reading isn't an accurate WPM but man does it help boost the students confidence when they see that number go up! Plus if they've worked hard on the suggestion given it's sure to show up in future reading as well. That is simply my opinion though :)  This is how I implement it in my classroom but of course you are welcome to switch it up for your student needs.

Happy Reading!

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