Thursday, August 6, 2015

Unofficial first work day.

                                                          What shall be our math supply station. Actually rearranged after this but didn't snap a pic.      
Writing tools station. All in one place, love it! Kids love feeling "teachery" with supplies available. 
Here's my sad little library as of now, I need a rug and maybe some floor pillows. Wall is a clean slate waiting for kiddos learning ot go up. There's another bookshelves with blue baskets (English books). I have past class pictures on wall behind bench and pictures of class activities behind the random pink stool. Kids will bring pictures of family at times too. I think it just makes it more comfortable of a spot, "homey" feel. 
Added more book storage/shelves at front of room. I want these children surrounded by books! :) Also that "teacher desk" is not for me. Kids LOVE using this as a writing desk or to sit and read. Board to the left is used for new words we use and want to remember. 
Rearranged desk (in a weird formation I know), they might not stay but man do I love....
alllll the space it leaves for activities!!! Haha. Ok seriously though. Perfect space for read alouds and class meetings. I'm a bit excited about this. 

Anywho, had the best little helpers today. We did what we could before someone's nap time and it could totally all change before the big day. Just wanted to share in case someones thinking "what the heck is she thinking putting that there?!" y'all please speak up. 

Now it's nap time...enjoy them while you can friends!